Thought of the day :
You are not beautiful, just your age is beautiful . It doesn't matter how you look and what's your skin colour because everything will change with age . At the end you need a holding hand , not a perfect body and beautiful face . Everyone is beautiful in their own way. You are not fat ,slim,skinny, small, ugly ,black , white. You are YOU and that's great.Don't judge anyone with their temporary appearance.

Activity : 
I woke up at 6:00 a.m, then  washed my face and went for morning snacks , came back to room and took some clothes, towel. It was Saraswati Puja so I went to have shower  and then again had tea . After that I came back room and started studying .

At 9:30 I went for having meal. Before having meal I worshipped Saraswati and other God and goddesses there . Then I had Prasad and tika . After having meal  I went to library and  there for 5 hours in a row .Then returned hostel by bus and then I had my lunch. It was puri tarkaari in the menu.
Then I came back  and started watching some Rubik's Cube solving videos. It was too much difficult to understand what the tutor was saying. So I didn't watch those videos, instead I started playing some songs and singing in a lip sync .Then at 6:30 i meditated and at 7:00 I went for meal ,then came back to room and took a nap for 30 minutes. After that I studied for a while, then I had a conversation with parents and followingly kreepa and I slept at 9:45. Thanks a lot for this beautiful day.